About Us



MyLocalCircles is a new mobile application that has been designed to provide current information to local consumers on the

“Best & Most Recommended” local businesses.


We want to provide consumers who spend the vast majority of their income locally, easy access to the most current information on the products and services they purchase every day. We understand that consumers trust the recommendations from their friends 7X more than  reviews from strangers. We have therefore incorporated a feature that provides “Friend Recommendations” on both local business their products and services.


For local businesses, the MyLocalCircles app helps the “Best & most Recommended” businesses market their products and services to consumers. The fact is, that most of the millions of local businesses, especially the small, entrepreneurial businesses that drive the nation's economy, do not have the time or expertise to manage a successful digital marketing strategy on their own. 


MyLocalCircles has been developed specifically for these businesses, so they can focus on running their business, while “we” focus on managing their digital marketing on their behalf.




__________________ of Naples, Florida has long been a strong advocate on behalf of local businesses and an active member of his local community. For over 40 years as a lawyer and a nationally recognized expert on wills, trusts and estate planning, as well as a member on countless local boards and charities, Joe has first hand knowledge of the importance of local  entrepreneurs and local businesses.


He has over the past few years been extremely active in the the digital marketing space and has developed relationships in high-tech circles from Florida to Silicon Valley.


______ has helped create and fund a team of experts, based in Naples, Florida, from all sectors of the technology industry to help develop services to help local businesses and local consumers take full advantage of today’s changing digital marketing environment. 


We look forward to improving and expanding our level of services in the months ahead and are open to any comments or suggestions you may have.  To comment, contact us at contact@mylocalcircles.com