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What is MyLocalCircles?


MyLocalCircles is a revolutionary new digital platform that connects local businesses and local consumers. Local businesses are able to easily advertise their products and services to local consumers on mobile devices and local consumers can view the most current information and pricing from local businesses.

In addition, the app provides the "Best & Most Recommended" local businesses based on company guidelines and "Recommendations from Friends" which happen to be 7 times more reliable than recommendations or reviews from total strangers. 

A “win-win” for both consumers and local businesses alike.


How do I get the free app?


To download the mobile app - go to either: 


iTunes store:


Android store:


How do I search by category?


On the app, simply scroll the green buttons to the left until you find the right category button for your search. Tap the button.


How do I search by subcategory?


On most, if not all categories, there is a list view as well as a map view. Above the list of businesses in each category is an arrow in the top right that says “ALL”. Tap this arrow and it will show a dropdown of the subcategories to search.

How do I "Recommend a  Business" and how many "points" do I earn?

On the website,  . . . . 


Once you download the app you simply click the following to "Sign In” - for the app. Click the green "Your Profile" button on the Home Screen > Click Profile > and Sign Up. . .then whenever you select a business and click the “Check in” button, it allows you to add a comment, take a photo direct from the app or add a photo.

How do I earn points?

You can earn points by the following actions; (a) Signing Up (b) Signing Up on the app (3) Inviting "Friends" that sign up based on your invite (4) Recommending Businesses (5) Inviting Businesses that sign up (6) Signing Up your business (7) Bonus Points for the number of Friends & Businesses. 

What do the points get me?

  • The individual with the highest point total by ______________ will be paid 10% of gross revenue earned by MyLocalCircles from ____________ to ______________. (Individual earnings not to exceed $25,000.)

  • The next 5 individuals with the highest point totals by ______________ will share and be paid equally in 5% of gross revenue earned by MyLocalCircles from ____________ to ______________. (Individual earnings not to exceed $2,500.)

  • The  next  10 individuals with the highest point totals by ______________ will ______________________________________


Should I sign up again after I download the app?

Absolutely! In order to get any credit for your actions ("Points") on the website or the app, you MUST sign up again on the app. (See: "How do I earn points?" above)


Does it cost anything to join as an individual Member?

Absolutely not!

What are "Special Member Discounts"?

Many of the businesses listed on our app offer "Special Member Discounts" or "Loyalty Rewards" to our members. Businesses may also be offering our members Coupon Discounts within the app. In either case, simply show the business the app on your phone and they can easily give you your discounts.

What is a "Team"?

How do I create my Team?

Absolutely not!


What are the benefits to a Member?


You receive Special Member Discounts from local businesses and qualify for Referral Fees (see “Referral Fees” below) from inviting local friends and local businesses as well. You will be able to search products and services, compare  prices, sales and more on your mobile device.

What is a “Friend”?


You have two (2) kinds of “Friends”, those that you you invite to join the site and and they list you as the one who referred them or others you invite that have already been “referred” by others. Remember, you only earn points or qualify to earn money from Friends you Invite that sIgn up based on your Invite, so don't wait for someone else to connect with your Friends first.

How do “Referral Fees” work?


When you “Invite A Business” and that business joins and enters your name ( or personal code) as having “Referred” them, you qualify for “Referral Fees”.


You earn $25 when the business makes it’s initial payment under the Premium Plus Plan and $7 on the Premium Plan. You will also receive monthly payments of $5 a month commencing in the third month that one of your “Referred” businesses continues under either of these 2  plans. (Maximum of 2 years). Over the course of a year, you could earn as much as $75 for each business under the Premium Plus Plan and $57 under the Premium Plan.

Do I earn money if my “Friends” earn money? 


Absolutely! You earn a $5 a month over-ride on the Friends who listed you as having “Referred” them when they signed up (Your “Circle 1 Friends”), each month they earn money on businesses that joined  by the method above. On their “Friends”, (Your “Circle 2 Friends” ), you earn $3 each month they earn money on businesses that joined by the method above. On their “Friends” (Your “Circle 3 Friends” ) you earn $2 each month they earn money on businesses that joined  by the method above. On their “Friends” (Your “Circle 4 Friends” ) you earn $2 each month they earn money on businesses that joined by the method above. (Maximum of 1 year).

How do I figure my commissions?


We must admit it is reasonably complicated because it requires a sophisticated algebraic equation. To give you an idea of how it could work however:


Ex: If your results follow the 4X4X4X4 rule: If only 4 businesses you Invite, select the Premium or Premium Plus Plans and you Invite 4 Friends (Circle 1) who do the same and they invite 4 Friends (Circle 2) who do the same, and this is repeated only 2 more times, your earnings by month 5 are approximately $3000 a month.


Consider that you likely have over 100+ local Friends (emails, Facebook, etc) you could invite to join and you probably have at least 10-20 local businesses you frequent and may even know the owner or manager. The above  example  assumes that only 4 friends introduce our app to 4 other friends and all introduce to only 4 businesses each that select the Premium Plan (now only $49/mo) or the Premium Plus Plan (now only $99/mo)


How am I paid and when”? 


We will notify you by email when one of your businesses subscribes to the Basic or Premium Plans, or when of your Friends has a business do the same. Your “Referral Fees” will either be transferred to your PayPal account or your bank account, usually within 2 weeks of Mylocalcircles receiving payment from the business.

What is “Invite A Business”?


You can very easily “Invite A Business” to join MyLocalCircles with either the website or the mobile app. You can also simply show the owner or manager of a business the app on your phone and tell them to go to on their phone or allow them to signup right there on your phone. (Go to: The “How  To” green button on the app > Add Your Business>  then let them enter their information and be sure to list you as having “Referred” them. (You then qualify to get paid a “Referral Fee”)

What are “Recommendations”? 


Recommendations are your positive comments regarding a business, it’s products or services. Recommendations can be viewed on the Business Profile Page of each business.

Can I write something negative about a business?


The purpose of Recommendations is to recommend your friends to a particular business. We ask that you refrain from any negative comments.


When I qualify for Referral Fees, when do I get paid?


It’s easy! You will be paid usually within two (2) weeks of MyLocalCircles receiving payments from the business. We will contact you prior to that time to coordinate payment.


What does the business pay?


We presently have three (3) plans for businesses. The Starter Plan, which is free , the Premium Plan that is $49 a month and the Premium Plus Plan that is $99 a month. You can call us at 239-XXX-XXXX to get he current login password and access further information on the plans.


Will my personal information be secure?


Absolutely! We do not furnish your personal information to anyone. No way! You can review our Privacy Policy.



As a Business why should I sign up with MyLocalCircles?


Because you probably would like to have more customers and clients. MyLocalCircles will be the easiest and most effective way for local consumers to find your business and get the most current information on your products and services.


What if I already have a website?


Great – but websites are only productive if consumers search for your website or if you happen to be on the 1st page of results when they search a category . . . . which is very unlikely. Also, since most people search their mobile phone today before making a local purchase or visiting a business, your mobile "footprint" is critical.

How do I update my business information on the app?

Our team members at MyLocalCircles are here for you. Simply give us a call or send us an email if you want to update any information or post additional information on the app. If we don't hear from you, we'll reach out to you every 2 weeks or so and see what revisions we can make to help increase your business.

What if I want to post a sale or coupon?

At this time, we'll do it for you. Simply give us a call and we'll post what you need for you. (Premium and Premium Plus Plans only)

What is the Starter Plan?


The Starter Plan is our basic plan and is absolutely FREE. (No credit card required). We list your business on our mobile app with some general information. 

What is the Premium Plan?


The Premium Plan is at this time our most popular plan; We create a listing for your business on the app and your business will also receive “Preferred Placement” based on category, subcategory and location. Your listing will: link to your website, include 3 subcategories for your business, have a "Quick to Call" button and qualify for "Best & Most Recommended" business in your categories. Your customers will also receive special mobile notifications regarding your business, sales or specials and your customers can participate in a "Loyalty Program" for your business if you like.  The Premium  Plan is only $49 a month at this time.


What is the Premium Plus Plan?


The Premium Plus Plan has all the features of the Premium Plan but it also provides targeted emails to your customers and other members of MyLocalCircles. The Premium Plus Plan is only $99 a month at this time.


What is the "Preferred Placement"?

Preferred Placement is available to all business that select the Premium Plan or Premium Plus Plans. This guarantees that your business listing will be before any Starter Plan businesses.Your position in the listings will also be governed by the number or "recommendations" you receive from customers and/or clients as well as other criteria established by the MyLocalCircle team.

What is "Priority Placement"?

Priority Placement is the result of  . . . .  

If I want to cancel my Upgraded Listing, can I?


Absolutely! If you decide at anytime you want to change back to the Starter Plan simply give us a call. (239-450-1421) or send us an email to; It’s that easy! 


How do I pay?


It’s simple. Your credit card is billed monthly, but there is no long term agreement. You can cancel anytime you wish, simply by sending us an email to: 


Is my payment information secure?


Absolutely. We don’t furnish your payment information to anyone. No way! We encourage you to review our Privacy Policy 

How do I become listed as a “Best / Most Recommended Business”?


Our determination as a “Best or Most Recommended” business is based on a number of criteria such as, but not limited to the following: The number and quality of positive comments (“Recommendations”) from customers, member discounts offered, courteous employees, cleanliness of premises, customer satisfaction and evaluation of our staff and local advisors.

How many of my business locations can I include in each listing?

Each listing is for only 1 location.

How do you recommend that I get more "Recommendations" for my business?

How does the notification feature work?


We can send notifications to all local consumers that have the app - or specific groups - depending on your plan.


Why should a Real Estate Professional be on the app?


Because most people search for local information primarily from their phones. Don’t miss out when they search Real Estate. Join today!


How do I get “Recommendations”?


Our app allows your clients to easily post a recommendation on your bio - to attract more clients. 


What os “Priority Placement”?


Your information will be near the top of the results, (usually within the first 10-15 listings, subject to category, subcategory and location).


What is “Preferred Placement”?


For a limited time, “Preferred Placement” will receive the same placement as “Priority Placement”. (See above).


How do I become a “Neighborhood Specialist”?


Under the Basic Plan, you qualify as a “Specialist” in 2 neighborhoods and with the Premium Plan - 4 neighborhoods.


Should I add a video to my bio?


We highly recommend you create a simple video (no more than 30 seconds) to introduce yourself to potential clients. We’ll add it for you. 


How does the “Open House” feature work?


Simply text us a link to the listing info and the dates of your open house. We’ll post it in list & map format for potential clients weekly. (239-450-1421)


Does the “Open House feature cost extra?


Yes & No. For 6 months; Premium Plan members get one house free and Premium Plus Members members get 2 houses free. Current rates then apply.